The Parish of Sutton with Seaford

New to Church?

family-worshipIf you have attended another Church regularly we are sure that you will quickly feel at home and welcomed into one of our two Churches and one of our many congregations. If you are new to Church or unfamiliar with what happens…this page is for you!

What type of services do you have?

We offer a range of opportunities both in a more traditional, formal style and of a more contemporary, informal style. If you are looking for a traditional service these take place on Sundays in St. Leonard’s at 8.00 (said communion) and 9.30 (sung communion with choir) and at St. Luke’s at 9.30 (sung communion). If you want something more contemporary or informal there’s The Meeting Places which meets every Sunday (except during August) at 11.00am. On the first and third Sundays this is at St. Luke’s Church, other  Sundays we meet at St. Leonard’s, with music lead by the worship group. This is a non-communion service except for the fourth Sunday in the month when we very informally gather around the table to share bread and wine.

St. Luke’s@7 is held on the second Sunday of each month, St. Luke’s Church at 7.00pm. During the week there are communion services in both Churches. Details of all our services can be found here.

What should I wear?

This is very much up to you…please wear whatever you feel happy and comfortable in. Some people dress in more formal clothes whilst others take a more relaxed approach. It really doesn’t matter, you are welcome however formally or informally your dress.

Where should I sit?

As in most Churches people do tend to have their favourite area to sit in, but we really don’t mind where you sit, there are no reserved seats (unless you want to join the choir!). One of the stewards (sidespeople) will help you to find a seat and there is always someone near to help you.

Can I take communion?

If you are a regular member of any other church and take communion there then we welcome you to join us in sharing bread and wine. If you don’t usually take communion or are new to church you are welcome to go forward to receive a blessing. If you aren’t sure then please talk to one of the clergy.

What is there for children?

At The Meeting Place we have a time when the children can meet and take part in some activities and teaching that is just for them. We really don’t mind if you have youngsters that want to move about, at The Meeting Place, this is absolutely fine, it’s informal, relaxed and welcoming. There is also Messy Church which meet in St. Leonard’s Hall on the first Sunday of each month from 9.30 to 10.45. There are also seasonal family celebrations through the year. LAMSJEGNA (for 7-11 year olds) meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from 7.00 to 9.00 at St. Luke’s.

How will I know what to say and do?

Whoever is leading the service will guide you by inviting you to stand, sit or kneel. We have printed service books and hymn books at some services and use screens at the more informal ones.

Will there be a collection?

It costs a great deal of money to keep both of our Churches open, heated and in good repair and for our clergy to lead us in worship. At most services an offering is taken for the upkeep of the churches and services. You may be invited to contribute, this is up to you. You may see some people who don’t seem to put anything on the collection plate, this is because many of our regular congregation give directly through a bank standing order.


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