The Parish of Sutton with Seaford


Giving to the work of God is part of the Christian life, and there are various ways to do this through the church.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is the best form of regular giving, as it helps you to plan your giving prayerfully and helps the church to plan its budget. If you sign a Planned Giving form, you also state whether or not you are a taxpayer, and if you are, the government pays the tax you have paid on that money back to the church. Thus planned giving is the most efficient way to give.

You may give to the Planned Giving scheme through a Standing Order, or you may ask for Planned Giving envelopes, and put your money in these envelopes week by week into the collection. If you would prefer a regular bank payment, but wish to place something in the collection each week, there are cards available as you come into church that you can place in the collection, so that you do not feel “left out” as the collection is taken. You can download a standing order form here.

If you would like to join the Planned Giving scheme, please contact the Parish Office.

If you prefer to put cash in the collection, but want the church to benefit from the tax back, then please use one of the Gift Aid envelopes available in the seat backs, so that your tax can be reclaimed. You can download a gift aid form here.

Alternatively you can make an occasional donation to the work of the Parish via our pages here.


Parish Giving Scheme

We are encouraging people to make use of the Parish Giving Scheme. The Parish Giving Scheme has now become well-established as the best method for enabling regular giving of inflation-proofed income and the simplest method of re-claiming Gift Aid monthly. You can download a Donor Gift Form here.

The downloaded Donor Form should be printed, completed in the usual way and additionally, the top right box must be ticked. This box can be found under the heading “Gift Form I wish to give a regular donation to my church”.

The Gift Form should be posted to PGS at the address on the form.


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