The Parish of Sutton with Seaford


Covid-19  pandemic control measures

Following the Archbishops’ advice on March 17th all regular church services and events are suspended for the time being. This also includes home groups, prayer meetings, parish meals & similar social gatherings.
Following the announcement on 23 March both St. Leonard’s and St. Lukes will remain close until further notice.

Prayer is paramount at this time

Prayer for the world, our nation, government, church leaders, friends, neighbours and ourselves.  If ever there was a time in our generation where the prayers of the church stood between our nation and calamity it is today.
Here are some suggested prayer/worship resources to use at home.
A single prayer for the day, to listen to and say:
This site also has Morning, Evening, and Night prayer Offices, in text only.
Prayer resources, for intercessions, praying with children, personal prayer, daily prayer liturgy:
From Archbishop Justin Welby a 5 part video on prayer:

The Archbishop of Canterbury will lead the first national virtual Church of England service:
The service will be broadcast on all BBC local radio stations in England at 8am and will premier online at 9am on Sunday:

There is an App for use on phones, a free download called ‘Time to Pray’.
These resources and others will be available in paper form in the Church as soon as we are able.
Other ideas

  • Find the ‘prayer bands’ we were given last year, the ones with knots tied in them.  Use them to pray for five people (family or neighbours) or five situations.

  • Phone friends that may be alone and pray over the phone together, them agree to pray (e.g. The Lord’s Prayer) at the same time each day.  That way you might be praying by yourselves, but not praying alone.

  • Light a tealight (in a safe place) in your home, reflect on the light, use it as a starter for prayer, for example, consider…….

         Jesus, the ‘light of the world’?
         What it means to ‘walk in the light’ in these days?
         How can we not ‘hide our light’ under a bushel?
         How can we be ‘salt and light’ in these difficult times?

  • As you use these prayer resources remember that He says, “Be still, and know that I am God”  (Psalm 46:10)

Other resources 

  • We are developing a service of the word for you to download, watch and join with each Sunday, including readings, intercessions and short sermon.
  • You can see this and other videos that we have made or links to some others here.
  • If you wish to offer something (e.g. name/situation) to be included in the intercessions please email to  and it will be included. If you have any prayer need you can email to this address, or phone the church office, 01323 894216 and the request will be passed on. 

If you are able take time to sit and pray. 
Share in the comfort of His presence with friends (albeit sat apart) who are going through the same difficulties together.  As we call to God in our hearts know that we are not the first to feel as we do.

“From the ends of the earth I call to you,
 I call as my heart grows faint;
 lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
 For you have been my refuge,
 a strong tower against the foe.
 I long to dwell in your tent forever
 and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.”  (Psalm 61:2-4)

In addition
Over the next few days every member of St Leonard’s and St Luke’s will be contacted by phone to ascertain whether there are any pressing immediate needs.  You may even get a card pushed through your door asking, 
‘Do you need help?’  ‘Can you help?’ Please respond either way as directed on the card.

We have set up a special email address for this: 
Use this if you need help or can help! Or of course contact the parish office.

From then on those who are part of a homegroup will be contacted regularly by your homegroup leader or their representative.  If you are in a homegroup and you do have needs that arise please contact your homegroup leader in the first instance.

If you are not in a homegroup, you will continue to get calls to ensure your well-being.  If something arises that cannot wait do contact the office by phone or email. 

But whether you are in a homegroup or not do not hesitate to use all the other routes to assistance, NHS 111, standard 999, and the church office.

There may well be other initiatives to follow, keep watching the website, information will be on NewsSheets in the church.

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