The Parish of Sutton with Seaford

Alpha is coming this Autumn!

What is an Alpha course?

“Alpha” courses began life in the Anglican Church almost 40 years ago, but have grown in popularity, due to its easy laid back and inclusive style, to the point where they are now run all over the world and in every mainstream church. In fact the Alpha course has been translated into over 110 different languages, It is estimated that nearly thirty million people worldwide have attended an Alpha course. Yes that is 30,000,000!

The statistics recorded also demonstrate that attending the course can have a very profound and positive impact upon people’s lives.

Why are we running one here? And what might it mean for me?For all the hype and excitement that surrounds the Alpha course, it is, at the heart of it, simply an opportunity to explore, through discussion, some of the big philosophical questions in life: – Does God exist? What is God like? Can I know Him? What is the real purpose of life?

Over the years Alpha courses have developed and are run in a particular format as a social event. The participants have a meal together, watch a short film which presents a specific topic which is then followed by an opportunity to discuss openly, in a small group, what this means to us as individuals….quite simple really!

Importantly, within the discussions there is no pressure to agree, in fact, differences of opinion actually make the discussions more interesting. There are no emotional or dramatic appeals and no looming expectation that by attending a course you are then expected to become part of the Church. 

The course runs over 11 weeks and ours will be starting at St Luke’s on the 26th September and will conclude on the 5th December. The evenings will start at 18.45 for 19.00 and will finish by 21.00

Who is Alpha For?

Alpha is really for everyone, older or younger, members of the parish community or those who are not familiar with Church life, it is a great way to be part of the Churches reaching out to others and also to revisit and re-discover aspects of the Christian faith.

To find out more complete the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.


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