Lent and Easter




Lent, Holy Week and Easter








Shrove Tuesday- 13th February: Pancake Party at 5.00 to 6.15pm in St. Leonard’s Hall.

Ash Wednesday– 14th February: Holy Communion at 8.00am & 11.00am at St. Leonard’s and 8.00pm at St. Luke’s.

Wednesdays in Lent: Holy Communion in St. Leonard’s at 8.00am.

Mothering Sunday– 11th March: Family Celebrations at 9.30am in both Churches.

Monday, 26th March: A service of compline at 7.30pm in St. Leonard’s .

Maundy Thursday, 29th March; Services of Tenebrae at 7.30 in both churches.

Good Friday

9.30am Family Worship at St. Luke's

11.45am to 3.00pm Prayers & Devotion in St. Leonard’s Church. There will also be a live video link to Trafalgar Square and the ‘Passion of Jesus’ featuring the Wintershall Players from 12.00.

Easter Eve:    

8.00am Prayers for the parish and beyond

8.00pm Easter Service of Light in St. Leonard’s

Easter Day:    

8.00am Holy Communion St. Leonard’s

9.30am Easter Celebration with Holy Communion in both churches

11.00am The Meeting Place at St. Luke’s

11.00am Matins in St. Leonard's