Daniel Gill

newbrand-facebook-cover-1Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) could be described as a technical mission – using aviation and technology to share God’s love, and to reach isolated and remote people with the physical help and spiritual care they desperately need. Partnering with over 1,000 organisations, their light aircraft land on rugged and basic landing strips in conditions far removed from our experience of UK airports.

Daniel Gill is at the end of a five year course studying with the Melbourne School of Theology and the Australian Centre for Mission Aviation. He has completed a year of Bible and ministry training and 18 months of flight training and now hopes to realise his childhood dream of joining MAF and serving with them long term as a mission pilot. ’Flying for Life’ is the motto of MAF and is exactly what he hopes to do.

Recently Daniel passed his instrument rating, enabling him to fly in clouds and to make approaches to airports in low visibility and is now hoping to finish his commercial pilots license which will enable him to take the MAF flight test.

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